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The Taco Maker franchise is a Mexican Quick Service Restaurant (QSR). This segment of the industry is experiencing an unprecedented growth rate . . . outpacing all other segments of the restaurant industry. We are firmly seated as a leader in the Mexican QSR segment of an international franchise system with outlets in the United States, Latin America, and the Far East.

Our signature comes with our commitment to incredible Mexican food prepared with fresh ingredients all cooked daily. Our flavors are memorable, bringing people back time and time again.


1968, Gil L. Craig began his career in Mexican fast food. After gaining invaluable experience in successfully developing a large franchise system, Mr. Craig founded his own company, The Taco Maker, Inc. (TTM). What was once only a dream has blossomed into an international franchise system in the United States, Latin America, and even the Far East.

The Worldwide headquarters of The Taco Maker, Inc., are located in San Juan, Puerto Rico. With new outlet development, outlet sales have continued to grow rapidly. Mexican Quick Service restaurants (QSR) are enjoying an unprecedented rate of growth, outpacing all other segments of the restaurant industry. The Taco Maker is firmly seated as a leader in the Mexican QSR segment. Long known for its fresh, high quality and flavorful Mexican fast food, The Taco Maker offers various outlet types to meet almost every need from traditional free-standing buildings and mall food courts to its fast growing programs for non-traditional locations which complements the dual branding or co branding concept. The Taco Maker is uniquely positioned to capture its share in the fast growing segment.

In 1996 and 1997, TTM began franchising two new concepts — Jake’s Over the Top and Mayan Jamma Juice. Later the name for Mayan Jamma Juice was changed to Mayan Juice. Jake’s Over the Top features a ’50’s atmosphere and offers a unique line of hamburgers and sandwiches along with fries, onion rings, and all the trappings. It’s Over The Top shakes rise two to three inches above the rim of the cup. TTM’s Mayan Juice concept is all about smooth, cool, nutritious and delicious. Real fruit juices a blended with fruit, berries, ice, and other flavorful ingredients for a ‘tropically refreshing’ drink.